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The first company in the Sycro Group was established in 1998, giving Sycro more than two decades of experience in the hospitality industry. Since then, Sycro has evolved to meet the needs of a dynamic market, and has grown into a group of companies , each of which have specialized responsibilities in order to provide the best services and products. Sycro operates throughout Africa and nationally in South Africa with branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town and recently Durban, so our clients can be sure to receive the best service available.

SYCRO Procurement (Pty) Ltd

This side of the business group is instrumental in purchasing products and stock for its sister companies. All imports and local procurement is done through one company. In doing so, we are now generating volume purchases which give us leverage for negotiating better pricing and thus benefiting our clients in getting quality products at very affordable prices.

SYCRO Distribution

Our general trading company to both loyal clients and new clients. Having been trading for over 25 years, it is evident that our loyal clients are happy with the quality and service they have experienced when doing business with us. We are grateful to our current and future clients in supporting us and hope we can offer innovative products as well as increase our service levels if need be. We have had a great team over the past years, however, as with many companies, we were sad to have lost most of our team through the Covid catastrophe. We are working hard to service our clients until we can afford to grow our staff compliment once more.

SYCRO Corporate

Addressing and embracing the recent BBBEEE regulations, Sycro Corporate teamed up with partners that not only meet the regulatory criteria in obtaining a Level 2 rating for the company, but are also instrumental in growing the company.

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SYCRO Environmental

Companies take from the planet on a daily bases, this includes us at Sycro, adding involuntary pollution as we are dependent on operating with the tools we are given. We have however made a conscience decision to “Give Back” by being involved in a promoting and selling products that are either oxo-biodegradable or can make film plastic oxo-biodegradable. We are of the opinion that if every company can contribute to sustaining the planet, it will slowly but surely start repairing itself.

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Palmex  South Africa

An ingenious product that was invented in Canada to save Palm tree leaves in the tropical countries. The extensive harvesting of the leaves to be used as roofing material has put great pressure on the area agricultural resources and this Palmex have invented a plastic roof sheeting that offers the same aesthetic value as well as increase the longevity of the roof, up to 50 years. We are proud to have the exclusive distributorship for this products which includes a synthetic thatch product to suit the African environment.



Sycro was initially created as an environmentally friendly company in search of providing eco-friendly products that make a difference to our industry. We believe that we need to give something back to the earth, which is why we manufacture oxo-biodegradable plastics.


SYCRO Distribution
SYCRO Environmental
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