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Sycro manufactures and supplies d2w Oxo-Biodegradable plastic refuse & carrier bags that are environmentally-friendly and do not look, feel or behave any different to traditional plastics.

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You can purchase d2w plastic bags (sizes below) or purchase the d2w additive itself for manufacturing.

Code:                                         Description:                                                       Dimensions:                                  
D2W1200(S30)                       Wheelie Bin 240lt (Smokey)                       1200 x 1350 x 30mic (S) 
D2W1200(B30)                       Wheelie Bin 240lt (Black)                            1200 x 1350 x 30mic (B) 
D2W370(S25)                          Bin Liner Large (Swing bin)                         370+200 x 750 x 25mic (S)
D2W450(S25)                          Bin Liner                                                             450 x 600 x 25mic (S)
D2W300(S30)                          Bin Liner 3 lt & 5 lt.                                           300 x 450 x 30mic (S) 
D2W550(C25)                          Bag Plastic (Clear)                                          550 x 700 x 25mic (C) 
D2W250+160(C25)                Clear Bin Liner 3lt                                            250+160 x 340 x 25mic (C)
D2W225+200(25)                   Clear Bin Liner 5lt                                            225+200 x 430 x 25mic (C) 
D2W455(C25)                          Clear Bin Liner 15lt                                          455 x 550 x 25mic (C)
D2W750(S30)                           Refuse Bag (Smokey)                                    750 x 950 x 30mic (S) 
D2W750(B25)                           Black Refuse Bag                                           750 x 950 x 25mic (B) 


WHAT IS d2w?

d2w is the brand for controlled-life plastic technology which is designed to control the life of ordinary plastic products. d2w is a carefully researched and tested additive formulation which is added to ordinary plastic at the extrusion or casting stage of manufacture.

d2w oxo-biodegradable plastics has a pre-programmed life. There is little or no extra costs. During its service-life, the properties of ordinary plastics such as strength, flexibility, printability, sealability, processing temperatures and speed are not affected at all. Almost all kinds of plastics – not just carrier bags! Only 1% dosage (for most plastics) is required and d2w products can be made with the same machinery and workforce as before, with no need to change suppliers too.

At the end of its useful service life, the process of oxo-biodegradation starts and the plastic will eventually be broken down into water, carbon dioxide and biomass. The plastic will degrade and then biodegrade in the dark or sunlight, heat of cold, land or sea, leaving NO fragment, NO methane, NO harmful residues thus avoiding pollution and damage to the environment and wildlife.

Food Safe

Smart plastics used throughout a wide spectrum of industries has been tested, and proven safe for food, medical, farming and many other applications.

Strength & Qualitiy

Feels, looks, and it just as strong as ordinary plastics.

Limitless Application

d2w additives can convert your ordinary plastics to smart plastics easily, as well as be formulated to specific needs.



D2w products look, feel, and act the same as conventional plastics (until they degrade).

Degradation triggered in the presence of oxygen, sped up by heat, UV and/or mechanical stress.

Molecular structure breaks down until the material is no longer a polymer (NO defragmentation).

Material ends up as H2O, CO2, and Biomass


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